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Far North Insurance - For You, Your Family, Your Business

We have been blogging now since April 21st without a proper introduction (or a reminder), and most importantly an introduction to how we can help you. Insurance is a complex industry, with rates and premiums often changing as quickly as the market. Like your financial advisor, or realtor, we are hired to help you navigate a market that often leaves its consumers frustrated.

So, the big question, how can we help you?

Our primary goal is to teach our clients how to navigate the insurance market. While it is most often treated as a commodity, the insurance market should be treated as an asset to the life you have built. Families, business owners, and high net worth individuals are often who we can help the most. We teach you how to leverage the market to receive the best insurance quotes from companies across the United States.

Okay, that sounds great, right? Who doesn’t want to receive the lowest premium for the most possible coverage consistently?

Make no mistake, it is a two-way street. Our skill is in the ability to assess your current situation, position your family or business in the market, and create competition to offer you the best rate. We need to work together is on the exposures you can control. Here is a list of five examples that might make your business more appealing:

  1. Do you have good hiring practices?

  2. Is your building connected to central alarms?

  3. What kind of barrier to entry requirements do you have on your building?

  4. Are you requiring certificates of insurance from subcontractors?

  5. Are you utilizing telematics?

That list is far from exhaustive, but you get the idea.

You must be thinking, that cannot be all there is to it?

Correct, that example provides insight into how we look at making your business or risk more marketable. Another asset is our ability to create competition for your risk. Think of this like two buyers bidding on a house, but instead the insurance company bids on how low they can make your premium. We will save those details for another blog.

Whether you are an artisan contractor, looking for commercial property insurance, a business owner, or a family looking to meet your budget, Far North Insurance can help.

If you are ready to partner together, head to the ‘Contact Us’ menu on our page and reach out to Jake Nystrom.



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