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Emergency Services Insurance Program – Why It Matters

When you decide you want to buy a car, you would not choose to buy from a motorcycle dealership down the street because they know how to build an engine and put it on a frame with wheels. So why would you want emergency services insurance from an insurance company simply because they sell insurance?

The focus of your search should be for a company and an agent who represents the industry you dedicate your time to. With an emergency services insurance program, specifically designed for volunteer fire departments and private ambulance agencies, you get a team of people who understand your needs at the ground level.

What coverage options are available?

  • Portable Equipment

  • Emergency Services Liability

  • Emergency Apparatus

  • Property

  • General Liability

  • Umbrella

What are the benefits of an emergency services specific program?

This is a big question, and the answer is in the risk management program. With volunteer fire departments and private ambulance agencies, the focus is on patient care and serving the community first. A specialized program offers opportunities to minimize certain responsibilities, like managing CAPCE submission or creating custom education courses for your teams. It also offers the ability to help with the hiring process and providing safety surveys.

By working closely with a program specialized in your field, we are also able to help manage the premium costs of the insurance policies. By participating and implementing this program, insurance companies will notice your efforts towards risk mitigation and be more likely to offer favorable terms.

Why work with Far North Insurance?

Far North Insurance has staff member, Jake Nystrom, who has 10 years of experience in Fire & EMS. During his time with a prior employer, he worked with fire departments and ambulance agencies across the country. His focus was on software integration and working with operational teams to optimize their solutions for pre-hospital care documentation. Jake can consult with your agency on insurance coverages, risk mitigation, and software integration. Knowing there is experience in the industry offers peace of mind that your best interests are our priority.

Head over to our meet our team. Jake can be reached via email or phone and is ready to help.



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